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This Korean Tech Company, Only Hires Senior Citizens

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EverYoung Korea logo: The company only hires senior citizens in an attempt to battle workplace age discrimination

EverYoung is a Korean Tech Company that has been a subject of international praise recently. The company has a new and unique hiring policy that helps them battle discrimination in a working environment. EverYoung hires people that are above the age of 55. The company aims to raise awareness and battle age discrimination in the common working environment.

The CEO of EverYoung: Cheung Eun Sung, expressed his exact thoughts in a statement given to the press - "By joining a new community of seniors, seniors can not only find vitality and meaning in their lives but also overcome the loneliness that comes from deep inside and keep their pride. This is the meaning and purpose of this project"

The company has other age-friendly policies that make it easier and more fun for senior citizens to do their jobs. The company gives employees 4-hour shifts and allows for a 10-minute break every hour. Media was able to get in touch with the staff who are over the moon with the company policies. Many find the new work ethic as encouraging, useful and efficient.

An EverYoung Employee was quoted saying "I try to keep up with the times and I'm eager to learn new skills again. I have picked up so many new IT skills here and enjoy coming to work every morning because of that."

Although many companies and industries in Korea force and persuade people into early retirement, EverYoung is a fresh new take on the ever-persistent problem of old age in a workplace. The company aims to provide a suitable and healthy work environment to all of its employees without any stigma attached with their age.

You can visit EverYoung's official website and get a taste of the new culture for yourself. The company's strict policy of hiring only senior citizens is their way of standing up to age discrimination in a working environment.


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