Friday, May 4, 2018

Employment Exchange for senior citizens MP

Employment bureau for senior citizens in Madhya Pradesh | bhopal

In a first of its kind, Madhya Pradesh government has decided to open an employment bureau for providing jobs to senior citizens.

After increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62 years, this is another step of the government in the election year to woo government and private employees.

However, the social justice department, which is going to start registration of retired government and private employees from May 15, says it took the step to give a respectful and busy life to the retired employees post retirement, which they usually miss.

Principal secretary, social justice, Ashok Shah said, "Be it Class I officer or a class-3 employee, life changes drastically after retirement especially the attitude of the people. Many retired people are unhappy after retirement because they are not usefully engaged and all their experience is lost. We won't ask employer to give them a full time job but will ask them to take their services as an experts."

The department will take all the details like job profile, interest and their expertise during the registration of senior citizens, The department will ask different government and private offices to avail their services according to their needs.

In December, MP government proposed a bill to ensure that all the government employees take care of their old parents and if they fail to do so, a part of their salary will be deducted each month to give their parents for their upkeep.

But senior citizen feel that the law compelling their children to take care of them is not enough, there is a need of giving them a second chance to work.

A retired telecom employee Veena Desai said, "The bill is helpful for those whose children are not taking care of their patents but the bureau will also be helpful for us to live a better life even after retirement. It is very tough to spend time alone at home after retirement. We do have knowledge of our field and we can help the youngsters in their job. This bureau is surely a commendable step of the government."

However, the civil society members feel that it was political stunt to woo employees.

Social activist Akshya Hunka said, "The government has failed to provide jobs to youngsters. The number of suicide cases has been rising many folds due to joblessness and how they would generate jobs for senior citizens. If they fill the vacancy of government departments by recruiting senior citizens, it would be a cheating with youngsters."


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