Saturday, October 1, 2011

50 + looking for a Job in Hyderabad? ExpertEase Now in Hyderabad

Some of you are already aware of ExpertEase operating from Bangalore.

Please read about ExpertEase coming to Hyderabad. Interested
individuals may register at the website and send their resumes.

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From: Thyagaraj Kovvali <>
Date: Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 7:25 PM
Subject: 50 + looking for a Job in Hyderabad?
Cc: Pradnya Keskar <>

Dear Dr Vyasamoorthy  Garu,

It was nice meeting you at Elders Mela today along with Pradnya. Here
are the details.
I am hopeful you will help us in this endeavor.

Hello and thank you for reading about  our social service initiative -
ExpertEase (
ExpertEase's main purpose is to help senior experts (> 50 years old)
find new job and volunteering opportunities with companies and NGOs
after retirement. Specifically, we are targeting SMEs (Small and
Medium Sized Sector) because they have the greatest need for such
talent, expertise and wisdom provided by senior experts.
All the services on ExpertEase are FREE to all participants - Experts,
Companies and NGOs. We do not collect fees at any time during the
Currently,  very strong in Bangalore. We would be very appreciative if
you could spread the word about ExpertEase in Hyderabad to the
following groups:
1. Senior Experts over the age of 50 : your family, friends circle,
senior citizen clubs, rotary, expatriates club, etc... wherever you
would find out target audience of over 50 years old.
2. SMEs - small and medium sized companies - companies that you know
and through associations for small businesses
As a first step, register on our site ( so you
understand the process involved.
As a second step, you can send out e-mails about ExpertEase to your
family/friends/ex-colleagues/business associates.
I am taking the liberty of sending you our backgrounder which gives
you a more detailed explanation of ExpertEase which can be shared.
I am hopeful that you register on  website
for jobs and also for resumes.

Please send a word about this to all you know.

Please email to me on

Thank you,
Warm regards,


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